Every act of resistance is not a work of art, even though, in a certain way, it is. Every work of art is not an act of resistance, and yet, in a certain way, it is.

— Gilles Deleuze



Our Heartstrings Howl the Moon, Strange Horizons, December 2022

Their Eyes the Shape of Orchids, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, August 2022


An Incomplete Account of the Case of the Bird-Talker of YarosFireside Magazine, Summer 2020

A prison on an island is a prison within a prison. But what if your whispers had wings?

Set in the dark years of the Greek junta (1967-1974).

Reprinted in PodCastle (2022)

Locus Recommendation

Who Goes Against a Waste of WatersBeneath Ceaseless Skies, April 2020

We live in a vast graveyard. Can you hear the giant’s thoughts?


The Silent Flowers of the Magician’s GardenBeneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2019

A boy does not want to be a soldier; he wants to heal others. Coming of age in a quiet world struck by the darkness of war. Words, listening, understanding.

(fantasy, 3,300 words) audio


When We Find Our VoicesClarkesworld Magazine, December 2018

Post-human bird-people are forced to save humanity from extinction. Contemplating gender, reproduction, duty and intimacy through the eyes of an agender, ace protagonist. Family, friendship, love, oppression and rebellion in a half-ruined world.

(science fiction, 10,000 words) audio | Featured in X Marks the Story

The Athuran Interpreter’s FlightStrange Horizons, July 2018

How do you make an interpreter out of spare parts? Linguistic identity, embodied epistemology, environmental justice. Also, creepy tech.

(science fiction, 3,600 words) audio | Locus recommendation | Featured in X Marks the Story

Without ExileClarkesworld Magazine, April 2018

Asylum lawyer and a poetry-loving AI try to grapple with home, memory, trauma, exile.

(science fiction, 6,300 words) audio

We Head for the Horizon and Return with Bloodshot EyesPodCastle, March 2018

Greek Civil War, queer ladies, chatty entrails.

(fantasy, 6,000 words) audio | Featured in B&N’s SFF Short Fiction Roundup


Darkness, Our MotherClarkesworld Magazine, December 2017

Minoan space opera-myth. Ariadne’s story retold with additional decadence, dysfunctional families, unconditional sibling love, spaceships and algebraic topology.

(sci-fantasy, 5,800 words) audio

Think of WinterBeneath Ceaseless Skies, January 2017

Little clairvoyant child lives alone in an abandoned cathedral. Everything goes wrong when the Knight arrives. Language and unlikely friendships in the shadow of colonialism.

(fantasy, 2,900 words) audio


KingfisherThe Stinging FlyWinter 2018-19

Advice for Those who Wish to Know the FutureThe Stinging FlyWinter 2018-19

In my Fairy Mother’s Old AgePolu Texni, August 2018

All Dead Things Shall Come To MeLiminality, March 2018

A Planet’s Soliloquy in MidwinterEye To The Telescope, October 2017


Staying with the End of the World: SF Futures of Hope during Ecological DevastationClarkesworld Magazine, September 2019